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What to do with the uncertainty around Skilled Visa?

Every year, Australian’s states and territories receive their new quotas from the National Government and on July 1st they restart their programs, generating positivity among candidates in the process.

But nothing in 2020 is normal ... With the Australian Government's financial planning delayed due to COVID-19, the Department of Home Affairs has not yet communicated states and territories’ quotas for 491, 190 and 189 visas.

Therefore, Australian states and territories have their Skilled Visa immigration programs for fiscal year 2020/2021 currently closed.

In addition, there is also the possibility of changes in the occupation lists for various visas.

What to do with this uncertainty?

The current situation has left many potential candidates demotivated, but if you want to be prepared for when the situation normalizes, now is the time to plan and ensure that your process is on track.

Focus on English

It is no surprise that speaking English open doors. But more than that, in the skilled visa process, your English skills count valuable points. Don't delay, start preparing today and set a deadline for taking the test. Only after you have taken the test at least once will you really know your level and where you can improve your score.

See the summary of English tests and related points:

Source: IMMI 15/005

Exception for Competent English if you hold specific passports

Credentialed Community Language

Speakers of certain foreign languages also have the chance to gain points in the “Community Language” criterion through the Credentialed Community Language Test conducted by Naati. See the all the details including languages available here:

Have your Skills Assessment done

If you already have the requirements to have your qualification and experience formally recognised, what are you waiting for? This document is not only one of the main requirements for skilled visas, but it also ensures that the chosen occupation is the right one and that your experience can counts for points. Having this document gives you focus, motivation and exponentially increases your chances of being prepared for when the opportunity comes.


Talk to a Registered Migration Agent and plan your next steps.

Registered Migration Agent


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