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Am I entitled to the 485 Visa “Extension”?

From 1 July 2023, the duration for the Graduate Visa (485) – Post Study Stream has been increased by two years for international students who completed certain qualifications. This will extend post-study stay in Australia from:

  • two years to four years for select Bachelor degrees

  • three years to five years for select Masters degrees

  • four years to six years for all Doctoral degrees.

The 3264 eligible qualifications are considered in high demand, and they are listed here:

What if I currently hold a 485 - Post Study Work Stream?

If you currently hold a Graduate Visa (485) – Post Study Work Stream based on the completion of one the eligible qualifications with the shorter duration, you can apply for an additional Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa in the Post-Study Work stream without paying the visa application charge (VAC). This new visa will come with an extra two-year validity, calculated from the date that the visa held at time of application was originally scheduled to cease.

This “extension” is in addition to the second and subsequent graduate visa associated with certain courses completed in Designated Regional Areas.

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