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190 & 491 State Nomination Update (ENG) - Interim Allocation

States and territories received a small quota allocation to be used until the final quota for 190 & 491 visas is announced.

The Australian Federal Government's financial planning (called 'Budget') was announced on 6 October 2020 but until the final allocation of quotas for each state is announced, Sates and Territories can continue to use their interim allocations.

Quotas can be used for occupations that the states consider essential for the COVID-19 health response and economic recovery.

Here is the status of all States and Territories, updated on 7/10/2020:


The state of Victoria temporarily opened the program for skilled visas (190 and 491) between 8 September 2020 and 5 October 2020, but will continue to receive applications past 5 October 2020, focused specifically on professionals who:

  • Live in Victoria

  • Have worked for at least 6 months in Victoria

  • Work with health or medical research and can assist the state in economic recovery or in the health area.

To apply, applicants must register their interest on the 'Visit Melbourne' website. If selected, applicants can submit an application for state nomination.


NSW invitations for 190 visa will only be issued for people currently living in New South Wales with occupations in the areas of:

  • Health

  • Technology (ICT)

  • Engineering

To be considered, applicants must have a valid Expression of Interest (EOI) in the immigration SkillSelect system.

The 491 NSW program is currently closed while they wait for further allocation. Regional Development Australia (RDA) will assist managing these applications. RDA's will set their own occupation lists while nomination criteria for a 491 visa in NSW will remain consistent across all regions.


Candidates currently working in Tasmania in critical areas related to COVID-19 can be nominated.

It is necessary to have a support letter from the employer and demonstrate that the candidate is essential in helping Tasmania with regard to the pandemic health response and the state's economic recovery.


Limited numbers of invitations will be issued for professions included in the “ACT CRITICAL SKILLS LIST” for 190 and 491 visas.

Only applicants currently residing in the ACT will be eligible.

The next round of invitations is planned to take place until September 14th.

South Australia

A limited number of invitations may be issued to candidates who:

  • Are working in South Australia in their occupation or related field for at least 3 months (20 hours per week) post-qualification

  • Graduated in Master by research or PhD

Priority will be given to candidates with “proficient” English, scores of 90 points or above, candidates with at least 12 months of experience in South Australia, candidates currently living in the South Australia regional area, and candidates with occupations in critical areas related to COVID -19.


Opened from 29 September 2020 to 5 October 2020

Due to limited number of quotas, only applicants critical to the effort in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will be considered, and it is up to the candidate to justify how they fit in the critical skills and sectors:

  • in medical services, or

  • in maintaining the supply of essential goods and services, or

  • in delivering services in sectors critical to Australia’s economic recovery.

Applicants must be onshore in Queensland and only decision-ready applications will be considered.

NT - currently closed

WA - currently suspended


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