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Here are some of the visas we can assist you with. For detailed information, please contact us today!

Student Visa

For people intending to study in Australia for longer than three months. Applicants need to meet strict requirements including the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement.

Visitor Visa

This visa is for people travelling to Australia for short periods of time for the purpose of things such as tourism, visiting family and  business. There are different streams to suit different cases. 

Graduate Visa

For recent graduates of Australian education institutions to be able to work unrestricted hours for a period of 18 months to 4 years. There are different streams depending on the course and not all courses are eligible. You must have graduated within 6 months.

Partner Visa

If you are in relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen, you might be eligible to be sponsored via a partner visa. This visa has strict sponsorship requirements and demands a wide range of evidence. 

Skilled Visas

Points-tested visas for skilled workers with specific occupations to migrate permanently or temporary to Australia. Applicants must be invited by the Department of Immigration to apply. In cases where State/Territory nomination is needed, additional specific requirements must be met. 

Employer Sponsored Visas

Where a suitable local worker is not available, an employer can sponsor workers for a temporary visa or permanent residency. The worker must have an approved occupation and caveats may apply. Before the visa application can be decided, the position nomination and employer sponsorship must be approved. 

Work &  Holiday Visa

Two different temporary visas for young adults from certain countries aged up to 30 or 35. There are specific work limitations and dependents cannot be included in this visa. 

Skills Assessment

Some visas require the applicant's skills to be formally recognised in Australia. 
Different Assessing Authorities for different occupations have their own specific requirements. 

_This content is for general information only, it is not immigration advice and must not be considered as such.

_We endeavour to keep this information up-to-date but due to frequent changes to Australian Immigration Law, please contact us if you have specific questions.

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